2011 The Amazon

Arrival, Monkey Island, Piranhas

We flew from Lima to Iquitos. It’s the largest city in the Peruvian Rainforest, only 348′ above sea level, although it’s more than 2,300 miles from the mouth of the river on the Atlantic Ocean. The city can only be reached by airplane or boat up the Amazon.

The Canopy Walk

The Canopy walk is 115′ above the jungle floor, about 1/3 mile in length. The walkways between the trees/platforms were made using metal ladders with 2″ x 10″ planks on top. It’s all strung together like macramé with steel cables and nylon netting for the side railings.

Walk Through the Jungle and the Lodge

Armando, our guide, was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, told us much more than we remembered to write down at the end of the day. Here are some other jungle scenes.

Medical Clinic in the Amazon

This clinic is sponsored by several Rotary Clubs in the US. It has one doctor, one pharmacist and one nurse, although the day we were there only the pharmacist was on duty and there were no patients. There was a waiting room, 2 exam rooms, a pharmacy and lab. Here are the photos of those areas. Pictures speak 1000 words.

The Native Village

Rum Distillery

Toucan, Dolphin, Sloth, Boa, Anaconda

Village School