Petr’s Reflections

Pastoral Features of the Culture of Slavic Veneti

Insights into the pastoral features of the Culture of Slavic Veneti through the experiences and observations of Mongolia in 2012 augmented by pictorial appendices. It would be disingenuous to present this as a scientific study. Rather, it is a travelogue which I believe is insightful, and potentially of value to the many researchers and authors in the Slavic-Venetological community as it had been to me. More >>>

Domestication of South American Animals & Plants

Domestications of animals (and plants) was more extensive in South America than in North America. When I saw llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicunas I considered their domestication thousands of years ago. More>>>

Mammoth Imbecility

As Louise and Petr traveled through Canada and Alaska Pete had an opportunity to do more in depth study of the autochthonous words for Elephant (Mammoth). His working hypothesis is that as 19 C whalers had a common jargon (no matter which country they came from) so also 20 thousand years ago artisans who created goods from ivory, skin, bone, flesh, fat etc and well as MAMMOTH HUNTERS had a common trade language – still preserved in languages from Lapland to Thailand and across the Northern Hemisphere. You may find Petr’s findings interesting. And if you’d listen, he will share more of his research.More >>>