Paintings by Louise Jandacek

Stained Glass by Louise Jandacek

Newfoundland Art by Louise Jandacek

Painting by Petr Jandacek

Painting by Petr Jandacek

Sculptures by Petr Jandacek

Mural by Petr Jandacek’s Students

Mural by Petr Jandacek's Students

Primitive Venuses by Petr Jandacek

Primitive Art Venues by Petr Jandacek

Religious Art by Petr Jandacek

Petr’s “Stations of the Cross” created for Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA (unlike traditional “Stations of the Cross” which portray The Christ at each stop) – Petr, instead, depicts the Way of the Cross as seen by the convict. The only times when Christ is actually viewed is as if in out of body experience when Christ is dead. Petr strives for historical accuracy by actually using Latin, Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic.

Quilt by Louise Jandacek

Banner was inspired by stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic.
Quilt by Louise Jandacek